Mill River Wetland Committee Celebrating 50 Years of Environmental Education, Advocacy, and Engagement

Come celebrate 50 years of the Mill River Wetland Committee (MRWC) and its River-Lab Program on Wednesday, November 8th, 7-10pm at the Fairfield Museum and History Center, 370 Beach Road, Fairfield, CT

A fun night of sharing experiences and memories along with Wine Tasting and Hors d’oeuvres and Dessert Selections.

Net proceeds benefit MRWC’s mission for the next 50 years!

Reserve your ticket(s) by October 25th for a chance to win a $100 gift basket!

Downtown was Earth Day in Fairfield

Celebrating its 20th year in our community on Sunday, Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration (FEDC) moved downtown to the Fairfield Theatre Company (FTC) on Sanford Street and the Gazebo on Sherman Green with over 50 exhibitors and sponsors, a number of live music acts and family-fun activities – and met a resounding response with a turnout that kept the event busy all day.

“Honestly, we didn’t know what would happen when we decided to change locations this year, but we had a feeling it could be really good,” admits Mary Hogue, FEDC Chairperson. “A fun time was had by all!”

Visitors to FEDC 2017 were able to learn how reduce their energy bills or make their garden grow, listen to our elected officials discuss what the state government is doing to preserve and improve our environment, see the huge “Solar Flower” in action, see the 1st Chevy Bolt for sale in Fairfield, enjoy live music, the “Trashy Fashions” show (a student fashion show featuring designs from recycled materials) and the amazing replica of Gustav Whitehead’s 1899 flying machine – just to name a few of the highlights.

An evening screening of the Ocean Film Tour Festival at the FTC Warehouse concluded the busy day, with close to 200 people enjoying short films ranging from ocean sports, to sea life to environmental awareness.  Joe Rog, FTC Director of Development adds: “We’re very proud to host Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration for the first time and be part of this successful annual event.”

For more information how you can celebrate Earth Day every day this year, simply visit

Connecticut Audubon Does Spring!

This is information for our friends who “Go Green” at CT Audubon are having some amazing events throughout the month of April and have some great plans for May!

All of these events are held at The Coastal Center at Milford Point, 1 Milford Point Road, Milford.

Return of the Osprey Party Saturday, April 22, 5:30 – 8:30 pm
$40/person and $75/couple

Spring Frogs Are Here! Tuesday, April 18 10- 11 am
Spring is here! Learn about spring peepers, those tiny, brown frogs that whistle and peep to let us know spring is here. Even though they are only the size of a postage stamp, a chorus of them will delight your ears at night.
members $8/class, non-members $10/class, additional siblings $5/class.
Pre-registration required. To register call 203-878-7440 ext. 502.

SOLO Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Saturday & Sunday, April 29 & 30,  9 am – 5 pm
Accidents happen. People get hurt, sick, or lost. The temperature drops, the wind picks up, and it starts to rain. Would you know what to do? By learning a few basic skills, you can make the difference between a good outcome and a bad one – or maybe even save a life.
SOLO’s comprehensive introductory course incorporates mock rescue scenarios which provide hands-on experience in first aid and long-term patient care in the back-country. WFA is recognized by the American Camping Association, and the Connecticut Summer Camp Licensing Boards’ first aid requirements. This course is accepted as a re-certification course for WFR (80-hour Wilderness First Responder).
Cost: $220 includes snacks ($100 non-refundable). There is an additional fee for CPR training; please inquire if interested. Payment in full is due upon registration.

Coming in May – Spring Lecture Series:  Sundays at 1 pm
$5 per lecture for members
$8 per lecture for non-members

Sunday, May 7
Gregory Nobles, Author of “John James Audubon: the Nature of the American Woodsman”
Gregory Nobles believes that one of Audubon’s greatest creations was himself.  Nobles explores the central irony of Audubon’s true nature: the man who took so much time and trouble to depict birds so carefully left us a bold, but deceptive, picture of himself.

Sunday, May 21
Felicia Ortner, CT Master Wildlife Conservationist – Connecticut’s Black Bears/the Bear Reality
Felicia Ortner, a Connecticut Master Wildlife Conservationist (MWC) and a bear enthusiast, will provide education and facts about bears and help dispel myths and common misunderstandings. Accumulated data reveals the black bear is seldom aggressive toward humans.

Sunday, May 28
Professor Jo-Marie Kasinak, Sacred Heart University Biology Department – Project Limulus/Horseshoe Crabs
Join Professor Kasinak for a horseshoe crab ecology talk and walk. You’ll have an opportunity to help tag horseshoe crabs with Project Limulus, too.  Please bring waterproof boots.

For more details call 203-878-7440 ext. 502 or visit


Scott Thompson, winner of the Town Vibe Green Award, stands with Geoffrey Morris, Editor in Cheif and Publisher of Town Vibe, and Virginia P’an one of last year’s awardees.

Town Vibe Green Awards

Town Vibe held its Fourth Annual Green Awards at the Hotel Zero Degrees in Danbury on March 9, with Fairfield shining bright in the sustainable spotlight seeing several of out town organizations and citizens garnering awards.

This years honorees were  Aspetuck Land Trust, Heineken USA, and Scott Thompson, chair of Fairfield’s Clean Energy Task Force.

David Brant of Aspectuck Land Trust which was awarded a 2017 Town Vibe Green Award.

Thompson is enervated by the focus on renewables that Fairfield is experiencing now, despite the present political climate. “The town is going gangbusters on renewable energy,”  he said, noting that almost a third of Fairfield’s town buildings are run on renewable energy and that solar installations electric vehicle registrations in the town are growing.

Dan Delventhal of Mow Green, a 2016 Town Vibe Green Awards winner, receives an honorable mention from Martha Evans Morris, Associate Publisher of Town Vibe.

Scott Thompson, winner of a 2017 Town Vibe Green Award.

“Isn’t what’s happening right now the kick in the pants that we need?” Thompson said to much applause. “Because all of what’s going on in Washington, The energy is so high right now.”

Fairfield Earth Day Chair Mary Hogue received an honorable mention at the 2017 Town Vibe Green Awards.







Honorable  mentions were also garnered by Mary Hogue, Chair of Fairfield’s Earth Day Committee, Mow Green, Fairifeld’s sustainable landscape company owned by 2016 Green Award Winner Dan Delventhal, The Mill River Wetland Committee, and Planet Fuel.

Scott Thompson, winner of the 2017 Town Vibe Green Award, is joined by past winners Dan Delventhal and Daphne Dixon.


Multi-Faith Vigil on Climate Change Action Sunday, TODAY, 4pm @ St Paul’s, 661 Old Post Rd, Ffld

Please join us on TODAY, Sunday, January 22nd 4pm at St Paul’s, 661 Old Post Road, Fairfield, CT for a candlelight vigil to support our efforts to mitigate the problems associated with climate change. This is a wonderful way to celebrate our community and our continued successful work towards a more sustainable Fairfield.  Come together as a  community to celebrate and support each other!
multifaithvigil_jan22_stpaul_661oldpostrdffldPlease help spread the word by sharing with your own religious organizations and friends.

Fairfield Environmental Film Festival Inspires

A girl from Togo

A girl from Togo

There’s a new festival in town. The Fairfield Environmental Film Festival will premiere on May 5th and run till the 7th at Sacred Heart University’s Martire Business and Communications Center, 5481 Park Avenue, Fairfield, CT  06825.

Sponsored by Fairfield Earth Day Committee, Bigelow Tea, and Sacred Heart’s Film and Television Master’s Program, the event will feature documentary films exploring a variety of environmental subjects- from water and air quality to energy issues and the importance of diversity in species, to the history of environmentalism. Filmed around the world, they address global issues, yet all turn the conversation back to how each person can make a difference locally.

Justin Liberman, Co Program Director of Sacred Heart’s FTMA notes “I believe strongly in the mission of the Fairfield Environmental Film Festival and am excited to partner with them and share these important films and issues. Here at FTMA we encourage our students to tell important stories passionately and I think these films represent just that. Film is a universal way to communicate complex ideas and we are proud to participate in this exhibition.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.29.00 AMThe screening of each film will be followed by panel discussions with experts, local business leaders, environmental advocacy groups, state and local officials, faith leaders and community groups. Some that will be attending will be The Connecticut Green Bank, The CT League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, CT Audubon, The Fairfield County Interfaith Alliance on Climate Change, and Fairfield student organization Objective 350.  State Representatives Cristin McCarthy Vahey of Fairfield and Jonathan Steinberg of Westport will be panelists.

McCarthy Vahey, who will be attending Saturday afternoon’s screening Trashed is looking forward to the festival.  “I’m thrilled to participate in an event that raises awareness about such an important issue – the stewardship of the environment. Through its film selections this festival raises awareness of a broad range of environmental issues. We have a responsibility to preserve the Earth for future generations, and this starts the conversation about what each of us can do.”   Also sitting on the Trashed Panel will be Albert P’an, COO of Norwalk’s Yumi Eco Solutions, a local company creating products that are biodegradable, compostable, renewable.

Fairfield’s First Selectman Mike Tetreau will be moderating Friday night’s panel discussion of This Changes Everything.  ”I’m happy that this is taking place in Fairfield,” says Tetreau.  “I think its great that so many different stakeholders are involved in this program.  Anything we can do to raise awareness of the significant and growing environmental issues that are impacting our town, our state and our world is very important. “

Cindi Bigelow, President & CEO of Bigelow Tea, sponsor of the festival, agrees. “It all begins by raising awareness of the issues that confront us, and working every day to create solutions that make a difference.” Bigelow is one of Fairfield’s most sustainable companies, and Bigelow notes, “while our primary focus has always been on delivering a fine, flavorful cup of tea, behind the scenes we have installed solar panels that offset 15% of our energy usage and implemented composting and recycling procedures that have made Bigelow Tea a Zero Waste to Landfill company. For three generations, the Bigelow family has lived by the motto, “Do the right thing and good things will follow.”

So step right up! Come see the change, be the change.

The FEFF Schedule is as follows:

The Wisdom to Survive – Thu, May 5, at 6pm (Opening night reception)

This Changes Everything – Fri, May 6, at 7pm

Trashed – Sat, May 7, at 3pm

 A Fierce Green Fire – Sat, May 7, at 6pm

All screenings are Free and Open to the Public.

Address Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communications Center, 5481 Park Avenue, Fairfield CT, 06825.

For more information and to preview films go to:

What’s FUN @ FEDC2016? Lotsa stuff!!

Mostly Green Band 2015LIVE MUSIC ALL DAY in multiple venues…our schedule is coming together, please take a look to see who we know is coming thus far.  Many folks have told us we should say we’re a Music Festival because we have so much wonderful, live music throughout the event – some see what you think!

Trashy Fashions 2015PERENNIAL FAVORITES 

TRASHY FASHIONS by our friends at Lauralton Hall and Burr Elementary’s Roots & Shoots Club.                                                                                                                 

                                                   FACE PAINTINGFace Painting1


Christophe’s Crepes LLC
Maple Craft Foods
Meriano’s Bakery & Cannoli Truck
Snowie of CT
Taco Loco Truck
Have a Ball


CRAFTS we supply…and many of our Exhibitors have fun things for kids of all ages to do at their stations.

Refrigerator Magnets: Made with recycled paperboard and magnets. Kids will glue a list of what goes into their recycling bins onto a paperboard square with a magnet on it. They can decorate it and stick  it on their refrigerator to remind them of the correct items to recycle.

Bookmarks: Made from recycled paperboard and plastic newspaper bags. Kids will slip knot a plastic loop into the pre-punched hole and decorate.

(Carbon) Footprint Door Hangers: Kids will glue 3 different pictures of ways to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint onto a paperboard foot. They can color the pictures and hang it on a door at home to remind them to save energy.

Newspaper Hats:  The hats are made from recycled newspapers and the kids will be able to color and glue on  different things they can do to help keep the earth clean.

Lorax Masks: We’ve got all the fixings for kids to make a Lorax mask so they can “speak for the trees.”


1898 Electric Car


A 1898 Electric Car!



CondorWorking, life-sized replica of the airplane Gustave Whitehead flew in Bridgeport 2 years BEFORE the Wright Brothers flew the Kitty Hawk in NC!  Mr. Whitehead  lived in Fairfield not far from our event!  See the web site devoted to this topic.  Here’s something to whet your appetite:

In the early hours of 14 August 1901, the Condor propelled itself along the darkened streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut, with Whitehead, his staff and an invited guest in attendance. In the still air of dawn, the Condor’s wings were unfolded and it took off from open land at Fairfield, 15 miles from the city, and performed two demonstration sorties. The second was estimated as having covered 1½ miles at a height of 50 feet, during which slight turns in both directions were demonstrated.

Legislators 2015Federal and State LEGISLATOR FORUM  where the politicians don’t give speeches but give answer your questions…come ready to ask them about things important to you!  We hold this in the 3rd Annual Earth Day Art Contest Gallery.