Live Green!

Live Green integrates the Global Sustainable Development Goals into businesses, municipalities and communities through scalable, metric-driven programs.
Live Green’s program, CT Southwestern Area Clean Cities Coalition, focuses on Municipal EV Readiness which is the degree that adoption of EVs is supported, by the presence of various parking ordinances and building/permit regulations, incentives, legislation, infrastructure development, municipal and utility investments, and participation by businesses, schools, developers, community members, dealerships and stakeholders.

Electric School Bus Toolkit 6 – Week Program

Do you want to take action on bringing electric school buses to your community?Join us for the Electric School Bus Toolkit 6 – Week Program and learn the necessary steps to Electric School Bus adoption.We are in week 2 of the program, but there is still just enough time for participants to join. Doors close to this program on 4/22.
Contact to register by Wednesday to join this cohort.

Published by Fairfield's Earth Day Celebration

Started in 1998, Fairfield's Earth Day Celebration has been an annual town-wide event bringing the community together to share and learn and celebrate all the natural resources we have in Fairfield and how we protect and value them.

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