50 Days of Earthday

Earth Day’s 50th anniversary is coming April 22. Celebrate a half-century of protecting the environment with us as we share 25 days of past victories and milestones, followed by 25 days of hopes for our shared future.

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Check out our blog: Restoration and Isolation: The Role of Nature during Social Distancing at https://www.savethesound.org/2020/04/01/restoration-and-isolation-nature-during-social-distancing/

And try our first #homeECOnomics video, which shares multiple ways to reuse three common disposable household items: https://www.facebook.com/savethesoundct/videos/216480702968035/

Published by Fairfield's Earth Day Celebration

Started in 1998, Fairfield's Earth Day Celebration has been an annual town-wide event bringing the community together to share and learn and celebrate all the natural resources we have in Fairfield and how we protect and value them.

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