Downtown was Earth Day in Fairfield

Celebrating its 20th year in our community on Sunday, Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration (FEDC) moved downtown to the Fairfield Theatre Company (FTC) on Sanford Street and the Gazebo on Sherman Green with over 50 exhibitors and sponsors, a number of live music acts and family-fun activities – and met a resounding response with a turnout that kept the event busy all day.

“Honestly, we didn’t know what would happen when we decided to change locations this year, but we had a feeling it could be really good,” admits Mary Hogue, FEDC Chairperson. “A fun time was had by all!”

Visitors to FEDC 2017 were able to learn how reduce their energy bills or make their garden grow, listen to our elected officials discuss what the state government is doing to preserve and improve our environment, see the huge “Solar Flower” in action, see the 1st Chevy Bolt for sale in Fairfield, enjoy live music, the “Trashy Fashions” show (a student fashion show featuring designs from recycled materials) and the amazing replica of Gustav Whitehead’s 1899 flying machine – just to name a few of the highlights.

An evening screening of the Ocean Film Tour Festival at the FTC Warehouse concluded the busy day, with close to 200 people enjoying short films ranging from ocean sports, to sea life to environmental awareness.  Joe Rog, FTC Director of Development adds: “We’re very proud to host Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration for the first time and be part of this successful annual event.”

For more information how you can celebrate Earth Day every day this year, simply visit