Scott Thompson, winner of the Town Vibe Green Award, stands with Geoffrey Morris, Editor in Cheif and Publisher of Town Vibe, and Virginia P’an one of last year’s awardees.

Town Vibe Green Awards

Town Vibe held its Fourth Annual Green Awards at the Hotel Zero Degrees in Danbury on March 9, with Fairfield shining bright in the sustainable spotlight seeing several of out town organizations and citizens garnering awards.

This years honorees were  Aspetuck Land Trust, Heineken USA, and Scott Thompson, chair of Fairfield’s Clean Energy Task Force.

David Brant of Aspectuck Land Trust which was awarded a 2017 Town Vibe Green Award.

Thompson is enervated by the focus on renewables that Fairfield is experiencing now, despite the present political climate. “The town is going gangbusters on renewable energy,”  he said, noting that almost a third of Fairfield’s town buildings are run on renewable energy and that solar installations electric vehicle registrations in the town are growing.

Dan Delventhal of Mow Green, a 2016 Town Vibe Green Awards winner, receives an honorable mention from Martha Evans Morris, Associate Publisher of Town Vibe.

Scott Thompson, winner of a 2017 Town Vibe Green Award.

“Isn’t what’s happening right now the kick in the pants that we need?” Thompson said to much applause. “Because all of what’s going on in Washington, The energy is so high right now.”

Fairfield Earth Day Chair Mary Hogue received an honorable mention at the 2017 Town Vibe Green Awards.







Honorable  mentions were also garnered by Mary Hogue, Chair of Fairfield’s Earth Day Committee, Mow Green, Fairifeld’s sustainable landscape company owned by 2016 Green Award Winner Dan Delventhal, The Mill River Wetland Committee, and Planet Fuel.

Scott Thompson, winner of the 2017 Town Vibe Green Award, is joined by past winners Dan Delventhal and Daphne Dixon.