What’s FUN @ FEDC2016? Lotsa stuff!!

Mostly Green Band 2015LIVE MUSIC ALL DAY in multiple venues…our schedule is coming together, please take a look to see who we know is coming thus far.  Many folks have told us we should say we’re a Music Festival because we have so much wonderful, live music throughout the event – some see what you think!

Trashy Fashions 2015PERENNIAL FAVORITES 

TRASHY FASHIONS by our friends at Lauralton Hall and Burr Elementary’s Roots & Shoots Club.                                                                                                                 

                                                   FACE PAINTINGFace Painting1


Christophe’s Crepes LLC
Maple Craft Foods
Meriano’s Bakery & Cannoli Truck
Snowie of CT
Taco Loco Truck
Have a Ball


CRAFTS we supply…and many of our Exhibitors have fun things for kids of all ages to do at their stations.

Refrigerator Magnets: Made with recycled paperboard and magnets. Kids will glue a list of what goes into their recycling bins onto a paperboard square with a magnet on it. They can decorate it and stick  it on their refrigerator to remind them of the correct items to recycle.

Bookmarks: Made from recycled paperboard and plastic newspaper bags. Kids will slip knot a plastic loop into the pre-punched hole and decorate.

(Carbon) Footprint Door Hangers: Kids will glue 3 different pictures of ways to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint onto a paperboard foot. They can color the pictures and hang it on a door at home to remind them to save energy.

Newspaper Hats:  The hats are made from recycled newspapers and the kids will be able to color and glue on  different things they can do to help keep the earth clean.

Lorax Masks: We’ve got all the fixings for kids to make a Lorax mask so they can “speak for the trees.”


1898 Electric Car


A 1898 Electric Car!



CondorWorking, life-sized replica of the airplane Gustave Whitehead flew in Bridgeport 2 years BEFORE the Wright Brothers flew the Kitty Hawk in NC!  Mr. Whitehead  lived in Fairfield not far from our event!  See the web site devoted to this topic.  Here’s something to whet your appetite:

In the early hours of 14 August 1901, the Condor propelled itself along the darkened streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut, with Whitehead, his staff and an invited guest in attendance. In the still air of dawn, the Condor’s wings were unfolded and it took off from open land at Fairfield, 15 miles from the city, and performed two demonstration sorties. The second was estimated as having covered 1½ miles at a height of 50 feet, during which slight turns in both directions were demonstrated.

Legislators 2015Federal and State LEGISLATOR FORUM  where the politicians don’t give speeches but give answer your questions…come ready to ask them about things important to you!  We hold this in the 3rd Annual Earth Day Art Contest Gallery.