Nations Approve Landmark Climate Accord in Paris

OK folks, time to get into action.  If getting your family to agree on something is difficult and the waters getting muddied, how do think an accord of the entire world is going to end up.  Not in a perfect solution that everyone will agree upon but one that we can do our own small part to act on.  What works for you won’t necessarily work for others, but doing your part, trying just one new thing to help will definitely make a big difference when added to everyone’s efforts.  One person really can make a difference.

“In the United States, every Republican candidate running for president in 2016 has publicly questioned or denied the science of climate change..”

We are proud and happy to celebrate our Fairfield representatives, regardless of political party, among our Environmental Champions and politicians that support our efforts to promote a healthy environment, see the CT League of Conservation Voters 2015 Scorecard.

“Today, we celebrate…Tomorrow, we have to act. This is what the world expects of us.”

What You Can Do About Climate Change

  1. You’re better off eating vegetables from Argentina than red meat from a local farm.  Replacing 30% of your household’s calories from red meat and dairy with a combination of chicken, fish and eggs will save more carbon than a household that ate entirely local food for a full year.
  1. Take the bus.  If you drive to work alone every day, your commuting alone eats up more than your entire carbon budget for the year.
  1. Eat everything in your refrigerator.  Up to 40 percent of American food is wasted.
  1. Flying is bad, but driving can be worse.  A cross-country road trip creates more carbon emissions than a plane seat.
  1. Cats and dogs are not a problem.  A dog will help you get in the habit of taking walks.
  1. Replace your gas guzzler if you want, but don’t buy a second car.  Keeping to the speed limit and driving defensively can improve your mileage by more than 30%, keeping your tires inflated and having your engine tuned up can give you up to a increase your mileage by 7%.
  1. Buy less stuff, waste less stuff.  It’s better not to consume the raw materials in the first place, so you may want to think carefully about whether you’re really going to use something before you buy it.