Learn how easy it so to grow your own food at Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration, THIS Sat, 4/26, 10am-4pm at Fairfield Warde H.S.

Beaded_Silver_&_Sea_Glass_1 Norfield_Grange_SFG SFG_1x1_Child SFG_Books_on_Desk DIY! All ages, all abilities can do this!  Everyone, everywhere can grow food.  Plant your own Square Foot Gardening Box To Go – Learn the Basics of SFG with Amie Guyette Hall, CHHC, AADP “The Square Foot Gardening Health Coach.”
Boost your health and the health of the planet, lessen your carbon foot print by growing food at your home, school or community location.  Plant one, plant more!  One for each member of the family!  Deck, table top, stone wall or on the ground, these boxes will grow amazing nutrient dense veggies, herbs and edible flowers in just 6″ of weed free perfect soil!  Plant 1 broccoli, 4 lettuce, 9 beets or 16 carrots in one square, and then harvest & eat, add compost and plant again.  These mini gardens make it super simple to learn about crop rotation and sustainability.
1×1 garden box $20
Upcycle Forgotten Flatware – bring some bling to your table and to your meal by dressing up an old spoon with wire and beads.  While supplies last.  $5 per item
Recycle & reuse!  Learn how to grow food from food scraps!  Did you know that some of your vegetable scraps can be used to grow more food?  Stop by to find out which ones will help you save money at the market and easily get your garden growing on a zero budget!
Learn about innovative, creative & unique ways to build a garden box out of what you have.  All this and more at Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration THIS SATURDAY, 4/26, 10am-4pm at Fairfield Warde High School, 755 Melville Avenue, Fairfield, CT.  Check out the entire day’s schedule of events.
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