Tue, 4/8, Breakfast Meeting – Going Green and Supporting our Local Economy

buy_localJoin the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration Committee at the newly launched Fairfield Accelerator and Mentoring Enterprise (F.A.M.E.) office, 1499 Post Road  for a light breakfast on Wednesday, March 26th  8am.
(PLEASE NOTE: entrance is on upper deck of the parking garage which has the entry ramp on Sherman Street)

Mark Barnhart, Fairfield’s Director of Community and Economic Development, and Mary Hogue, FEDC Chair, will co-present how being sustainable means resource conservation – like parking your car in town and doing your business with your local merchants.  Consumers drive less, which saves them money and supports our local economy.  Learn how your local business can get support from the town, the Chamber, and Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration.  Discover eco -friendly things about your business that you didn’t realize were “green” that can be promoted.  Learn how you can make your business more “green” and save money on operating expenses.

Mary Hogue, FEDC Chairman, says “The theme of Fairfield’s Earth Day event is to celebrate all of the great things going on in Fairfield. It’s an opportunity to connect families, organizations, and companies, and to provide events and activities in the schools and community year-round. Our mission is to really make every day ‘Earth Day’.”

Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration provides environmental education in a fun atmosphere and features non-profit organizations, small businesses, grassroots efforts, government agencies, green businesses and corporations, local and organic food, renewable energy, green technology, organic gardening, environmentalism, eco-transportation, loads of family-friendly activities, and live music.